"Where does Skinner come from?"

That is the question I get the most. As a child I was the typical boy, always playing trucks, climbing trees, or just being a boy. I would wear out my pants knees and people would say "You skinned your knees again?" And the nick name was born. 

With a unique nick name such as Skinner, I stood out. Just like my photography and philosophy does today.

When speaking with clients I use words like honored and privileged. Because it is an honor to be chosen to be your photographer and a privilege to be part of your memories! 

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Guestbook for Skinner J Photos "Palm Coast Photographer"
Beautiful work. Great angles and fabulous subjects & views.
Lovely set of shots.
Beautiful work. Great angles and fabulous subjects & views.
Thank you so much for the beautiful pictures.Will definitely recommend you to my clients and friends!
Keep up the good work